Do You Know Where Your Productivity Is Taking You?


In your quest to be more productive, you push yourself to get more done. In this informative post from Time Ninja learn fast isn’t the key.

More tasks. More work.

But, is all of that work actually taking you where you want to go?

Or are you so busy that you don’t know which direction your productivity is taking you?

Which Direction Are You Going?

Doing more isn’t always the answer.

Speed is about going faster. More done. More ground covered. More distance traveled.

Yet, if you increase your speed without considering your direction you only get more off course.

“Going faster in the wrong direction only takes you further away from your goals.” (Tweet this Quote)
Where are your productivity efforts taking you? And are you sure you want to go there?

Productivity Is Not About Speed

Productivity is not about speed. Speed is motion without a specific direction.

Rather, it’s about velocity. Velocity is defined as speed with a corresponding direction.

If you don’t know which way you are going, working harder and faster will only bring negative results more rapidly:

Digs a Hole Faster – If your habits are producing poor results, you will only dig a bigger hole for yourself.
Wears You Out Quicker – Ever exhaust yourself only to discover that you have been doing the wrong tasks? Working harder on the wrong tasks only wastes time and energy quicker.
Takes You in the Wrong Direction – Working faster in the wrong direction only serves to take your further off course from your goals.
Keeps You Doing the Same Things – This is the big career mistake that many people make. Doing the same things only faster means that you will continue in your present role for a longer time. You have to change your direction if you want to get somewhere else. Or as they say, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”
Check Your Direction

Going faster in life isn’t always the answer. In fact, in many cases it can be counter-productive.

If you want to get somewhere else in life, you have to change your course.

Make sure you check your direction before you increase your speed.

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