Developing Into the High Enterprise Contributor

We’ve all heard the adages, ‘work smarter, not harder’, or ‘do more with less’. Whenever I hear these, I try to silence my groan, hide the eye roll and silently think, ‘If I knew how to do that, wouldn’t I be doing it already?”

Employees in the workforce today are experiencing frequent change, and mounting stress  to increase not only top line growth, but bottom line profitability.   This means finding ways to be more efficient and ‘do more with less’ amidst an improving, yet still murky, economic outlook.

Constant and frequent change is the new normal requiring  different skills to succeed.   Work environments have changed dramatically  – people are more geographically dispersed, work is more interconnected, and communication channels have drastically increased.  So how can each of us ensure we are maintaining high performance?

Corporate Executive Board research tells us is that it is no longer enough to have strong business acumen, deliver quality, on-time work, and possess task and process mastery.  Their research focuses on the need for employees to demonstrate “Enterprise Contribution” to achieve the breakthrough performance needed to achieve goals.  An enterprise contributor not only achieves individual tasks and goals at a high level,  but also is effective at network performance.  High network performers are strong at improving others’ performance and using others’ contributions to improve their own performance.

High Enterprise Contributors differentiate themselves by demonstrating 4 competencies:

  1. Prioritization-prioritizing activities based on the organization’s goals and self directing work
  2. Teamwork-Understanding peer’s motivations, coordinating work and performance with that of others to achieve mutual outcomes
  3. Organizational Awareness– understanding organizational context and the informal structures and decision making processes of the organization
  4. Problem Solving-initiating change and identifying problems and opportunities for change,  and implementing solutions when appropriate.

The good news is that the skills and competencies of Enterprise Contribution have been identified and can be developed.  Watch this informative video on the highlights of this discussion.


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