Checkout Pics from DropBox HQ

In recent years, the most successful companies have focused less on perks and more on offering their employees something better: a connection to the company. In looking at the importance of the physical space being employed for better employee engagement the culture drove the design of the space. Drew Houston worked forward with two main goals in mind:

Hire the Right People and Let Them Do Their Jobs. As online storage provider Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, can attest, hiring the right people for your organization is the most important step in building your company culture. Since day one, Dropbox has focus on hiring fewer, but better people. Offering a flexible schedule and giving employees the ability to choose what projects they’ll work on, Dropbox puts their people in the driver’s seat of their careers.

Keep People Connected. One of the biggest challenges Dropbox faces in growing is keeping people on the same page. Where the team was once small enough to fit in one room, things became more difficult as the team got bigger. Houston said: “As we grew larger, we had to start deliberately trying to figure out how to get the right info in the right peoples’ hands.”









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