Urgent Announcement -Webcast on BYOD with Multigenerational Workers


Bring your own device, or BYOD, is perhaps the single most important issue today for IT managers and decision makers. In addition to recognizing and supporting a rising number of different types of smartphones, tablets, and other employee-owned devices, IT must also be able to adjust and accommodate an ever-growing number of different types of workers.

We’re talking about at least four generations of people – perhaps the most ever seen at one time in the workplace, and all with different levels of experience, different views of the technology, and different needs in terms of technology support and administration.

Ziff Davis is proud to present Supporting BYOD in a Multi-Generational Workplace, a live and interactive webinar about the ins-and-outs of IT support in an increasingly complex business environment.

Gain a better understanding of the social and demographic factors transforming the workplace as well as the impact on employers
Learn about the best approaches to ensure that different types of people have the technologies and support they need to be successful
Explore the solutions, tools, and strategies that IT professionals will need to manage an increasing amount of diversity today and in the future

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