20130612-085853.jpgIf you don’t have a spare $40,000 a year to afford a personal assistant, chances are you spend a lot of time entrenched in your calendar and inbox sorting out meetings, appointments, RSVPs, and reservations.

Enter SuperCalendar, a new calendar tool and the first product from Superhuman, the super-stealth startup cofounded by Adam Pash, the former editor of Lifehacker. While plenty of calendars tout design and an easy user interface, SuperCalendar focuses on the user–you–and aims to take you out of the equation.

With an $89 monthly SuperCalendar subscription, you give SuperCalendar’s back-end network of “calendaring professionals” permission to access your Google Calendar and take care of your scheduling for you. You interact with the humans of SuperCalendar the way you would a regular assistant–for example, CC them on an email correspondence with a business colleague and say your assistant will figure out a time for you to meet.

Pash says Superhuman launched a calendaring product first because they see it as an activity akin to “playing Battleship” that prevents people from making more time to do meaningful things they love.

“Our goal is to take away the pain points from the things you do every day that aren’t very fun and don’t require a lot of skills–they’re just painful,” he says.

Watch Video of Supercalander



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